About the Creators

About the creators

While Lois, who exhaled cabaret air from the moment she exited the womb, was busy tap-dancing in her schoolgirl knickers, Terry played dress-up in secret and refined her discerning eye at ping-pong, both of them dreaming worlds of laughter, scandal and flashing red lights...


Lois and Terri


One magical day in Vermont, while accidentally growing up, these two slap-dash miracles had a fortuitous collision with each other. Bam! They both saw stars.

Three years of girly theatrics and a crazy Texas palm reading later, they discovered a here-to-fore unknown alchemical combination:

Take one choreographic genius/theatrical smarty-pants, add to this a fine specimen of a modern it-girl (the kind who lives her life like she's always pulling a rabbit out of the hat), stir like mad and...

Voila la coeur de la cabaret!

All has been chaos and inspiration since.